Veego Solves IoT Malfunctions Autonomously.

Device disparities and operational inter-dependencies make detection and root-cause identification practically impossible.  By the time malfunctions such as these become apparent to home users, the consequences have already caused considerable damage. It’s too late to address them effectively.

As billions of smart-devices proliferate, malfunctions multiple, and for numerous reasons:

  • Numerous disparate protocols

  • M2M and interoperability requirements

  • Software bugs

  • Hardware performance issues

  • Setup and configuration problems

  • Device integration glitches

  • Environmental factors

  • Device and communication-channel load

  • Cyberattacks

  • Connectivity complications

Veego deploys on smart-home hubs, routers and end-devices, automatically detecting, analyzing and repairing connected-home device problems before customers even notice them.

50 billion IoT devices are already deployed and half of these are in the home. Who will support them?

Veego Value

Deploying on end-devices, routers and hubs, Veego detects malfunctions, identifies root cause, and autonomously delivers the best solution for any malfunction

  • Real-time detection of anomalies

  • Global malfunction knowledgeable (unique fingerprint per device and malfunction)

  • Diagnostics using packet-inspection techniques

  • Push notification for end-users when something breaks

  • Time-travel dashboard that automatically reconstructs events

  • Auto-repair

  • Interactive support for the end-user via app and web

  • Valuable diagnosis and error id assistance for technicians in the field


It’s Complicated to be Smart and Connected

You are creating the perfect connected home. Your army of smart devices—your TV, speakers, oven, refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryer, surveillance system, central air conditioner, outdoor sprinklers, door locks, light switches and music system—are all manufactured by the same company.

Veego autonomously detects, analyzes and repairs smart-device malfunctions in the connected home.