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Continuous Measurement of the Quality of Experience of Every Home Internet User in the Context of the Session 

Veego delivers complete visibility into the connected home, enabling ISPs to see which devices are connected and the services (streaming, gaming, browsing, video conferencing, etc.) they are consuming at any moment. Veego accurately scores the Quality of Experience of each user in the context of the service being consumed and its unique connectivity needs.

  • Problems that would break a movie-streaming session won’t necessarily affect an online game
  • Low resolution on a phone isn’t as bothersome as low resolution on a 65” Smart TV
  • Bad reception doesn’t always indicate the need for an extender

To reflect actual CX, Veego generates and utilizes its unique contextual end-to-end QoE metrics for accurate analysis of the quality of each user session.

Veego helps ISPs understand CX from their users’ point of view and allows optimization of each home network according to its unique needs.

Automatic Fault and Anomaly Detection, Identification, Analysis and Resolution.

Whenever any fault, anomaly, or condition occurs that could potentially affect any user’s Quality of Experience, Veego automatically detects it, analyzes its root cause and helps the ISP resolve it, often before the user even notices.

  • Revealing insights and actionable recommendations for Customer Service Reps (CSRs)
  • Self-care instructions for users (if permitted by the ISP)
  • Automated fixes: Veego performs remediations in accordance with ISP policies and preferences

Veego bolsters ISP Customer Care by deflecting and shortening support calls, reducing truck rolls and eliminating unnecessary hardware replacements.

  • Calls to the Customer Care Center are reduced by 30%
  • Average Handling Time (AHT) is reduced by 40%
  • First Call Resolution (FCR) is increased by 20%
  • Truck Rolls are reduced by 25%
  • Router replacements are reduced by 60%
  • CSR efficiency is doubled

Veego turns costly Customer Care into an ongoing brand loyalty campaign

End-to-End Visibility.

Veego uniquely observes the entire internet service-delivery chain from end to end.

Veego’s advanced technology detects problems, diagnoses root-cause and pinpoints problems END TO END anywhere along the service-delivery chain within and beyond the home. ISPs immediately know when a problem is within their realm of responsibility (router, WiFi) and when it is the responsibility of another party (cloud service, internet at large, the connected device, or due to user behavior).

Veego is the first technology that analyzes user behavior in its ability to spot problems early on. For example, if a user is rebooting the router or a connected device frequently, that’s an indication of unsatisfactory CX, prompting Veego’s auto-detection to go to work.

Veego puts the “eye” in ISP

Proactive Care.

When they feel frustrated by their internet experience, many subscribers don’t bother to call ISP Customer Care. Instead, they “boot their ISP” by churning or installing their own router, extender, or mesh system. 

Veego empowers ISPs with Proactive Care: the ability to recognize subscriber dissatisfaction as it happens. 

Proactive Care takes advantage of Veego’s unique ability to combine device type, service category and user behavior not only to detect specific connectivity problems, but to accurately measure how current network conditions are actually impacting each user in the home. ISPs can recognize “suffering” homes and the reasons behind them. They can obtain helpful, accurate recommendations for improving the CX in those homes.  

Proactive Care also boosts engagement, enabling ISPs to reach their subscribers in a timely manner through multiple channels including smart apps, SMS, chats and phone calls. 

Subscribers feel taken care of and protected by their caring ISP who is vigilantly watching over their internet connection. 

Veego helps ISPs embellish subscriber engagement and defeat churn

Priceless Subscriber Data and Customer Experience Insights from Every Home.

Veego uniquely generates and collects vast demographic, device, service, usage, performance, event, CX, and other data for valuable analysis across the entire ISP subscriber base. Actionable insights enable the ISP to understand usage profiles and trends, identify homes that are “in good shape” and those that are “suffering”, segment populations, and much more.

Veego data is used online and offline by many ISP departments including:

  • Customer Experience: Know what home users are experiencing right now and historically as you boost proactive care and drive down churn 
  • Customer Support: Quantify the results of improved remediation while you solve user problems in context across the entire service-delivery chain
  • Operations: Conduct large-scale and long-term analyses to discover the effects of policy and network changes on CX  
  • Marketing: Profile and segment your subscriber base while you customize product offerings per home

Veego delivers data for real-time and historic analyses, insights and awareness

Implementation on legacy and next-gen routers and simple integration.

Veego Agent

From its vantage point in the home router (and other CPE), the Veego Agent’s breakthrough AI technology fingerprints every device and classifies every service without heavy and privacy-invading DPI. The lightweight Veego Agent can run on new and legacy routers, extenders, and other CPE.

  • CPE-agnostic
  • Fully remote installation 
  • Fast installation / adaptation (a few hours)
  • OTA distribution and update 

Veego Console

The Veego Console provides numerous easy-to-use dashboards as well as powerful querying capabilities. These facilities can be integrated easily, enabling ISPs to access and view the rich data via API on their own consoles. 


Veego integrates with ISP backend systems

  • CRM 
  • Customer Service
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Voice Assistants
  • Chatbots
  • Marketing Systems
  • Other 



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