Things break. And 50 billion connected devices and the services they deliver break a lot. And for many reasons.

Across the entire connected-home ecosystem, Veego delivers device and service information to subscribers, CSRs, ISP Operations, CX, and Marketing teams. We solve complex connected-home problems related to:

  • Configuration of devices – even after setup, devices often have to be re-configured to accommodate other elements of the connected home
  • Integration across devices from many different vendors is haphazard and beyond the service provider’s control
  • Hardware performance issues – not just hardware failures but factors that will lead to failures in the future
  • Software – bugs and oversights that prevent devices from coping with sensor data and conditions
  • Connectivity – many protocols are at work in a typical connected home, not always compatible
  • Load – transient loads on hardware and networks can cause hard-to-pinpoint malfunctions
  • Cyber – a cyberattack on one device can affect the performance of others
  • Environment – heat, humidity and other factors can shorten the life and damage performance of smart devices

Veego autonomously detects, analyzes and repairs malfunctions even before subscribers encounter them

Automatic Analysis and Repair

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Veego proactively detects, identifies, analyzes the root cause, and resolves errors and malfunctions in devices and services across the complex connected-home ecosystem.
Veego quantifies how well connected devices and services are meeting performance goals and serving subscribers.

  • Device and service performance are monitored continuously

  • Malfunctions are detected in real time

  • Service costs are slashed

  • Subscriber satisfaction is boosted

Why We Founded Veego

The number of connected-home devices in the world already surpasses the number of mobile phones. By 2030, more than 100 billion connected devices will support us in every aspect of our lives. But who is going to support the users?

If only 1% of devices and services suffer some sort of malfunction in a year, that’s more than 1 billion failures—and they happen for so many reasons: environment, hardware issues, software bugs, configuration problems, faulty setup, connectivity and communications, device and channel load, cyber security, and the integration of so many devices from so many vendors.

The truth is, 34% of users already report issues with their connected-home devices. OMG, who is going to
field all those service calls?

Our Service-Organization Orientation

Veego continues to acquire a wealth of experience from working with service organizations. We understand the tough challenges such as:

  • Overwhelming number of support calls
  • Lengthy and unproductive support calls
  • Poor First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Inability to understand subscriber problems
  • Technician capabilities
  • Lack of verifiable evidence of problems
  • Unnecessary escalations
  • Subscriber frustration
  • Expensive support that eats up profits
  • Subscriber churn
  • Reputational damage

By automatically detecting, analyzing and remediating problems, Veego

  • Deflects calls to the service center
  • Arms service technicians with real problem analysis and effective steps for remediation
  • Boosts subscriber satisfaction with your connected-home support

Growing Complexity

The connected home is rapidly becoming a large-scale digital-lifecycle operations center that supports a multitude of devices and services that are susceptible to an enormous array of complex malfunctions that overwhelm the Internet Service Provider’s ability to cope.

Veego is acutely familiar with the modern connected home and its growing performance and interoperability challenges. Our global knowledgebase of devices and problems grows as our machine learning capabilities encounter more and more situations. We put our global knowledgebase of devices, services and the problems they encounter at the benefit of CSR’s enabling them to support their connected-home subscribers effectively and cost-efficiently.