We’re not elitists, but we sure are pleased to announce that our CEO, Amir Kotler, has been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level technology executives. Members are selected to this very exclusive club based on their depth and diversity of experience. FTC recruits and invites members not just on the basis of career success, but on their diversity of perspective and willingness to give as much as they gain. Members are brought together in communities tailored to their industry or region, so that they can connect with others best positioned to help them overcome challenges and create new opportunities.

Today, you will find Amir’s executive profile on Forbes.com along with the Veego bio

Membership enables Amir to share his insights via CommunityVoice on Forbes.com. He is invited to extend Veego’s practice of contributing business and industry articles to relevant parties, and there are sure to be many in 2020 and beyond. 

Amir is also able to obtain peer insights and advice from other senior managers anytime through Forbes’ online support forums and member-led webinars. He can quickly connect with peers to share expertise, learn from each other and solve business challenges in a private setting. He also secures access to the Forbes library of webinars to further professional and company development.

“I am humbled by acceptance into such a prestigious group of global business leaders,” Amir affirmed. “I see so much opportunity for Veego in this Council. I want to make contributions to others and will do so by sharing my insights via written articles as well as through peer collaboration forums available to members.”

Amir is already actively networking with peers and the collaboration benefits are mutual. It’s win-win all around. 

Veego is proud that our CEO is recognized by global business leaders as a worthy peer. We are looking forward to sharing ideas with other leaders via published articles and other effective mechanisms.

Check out Veego’s latest Press Release!