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Despite the increase in devices being created to satisfy the demand of consumers, especially with the new paradigm of working from home, providers have been struggling to measure and perfect the experience of their customers. This is where Veego steps in, looking to enable providers’ access to user insights and real-time feedback, allowing for the improvement of software across the board in a way that has earned it the title of ‘Best AI-Based Customer Experience Technology Startup’.

In response to a lack of information making its way back to developers and providers, Veego has made itself the bridge between the end-user and the creator. Fundamentally, its work allows users to, just by interacting with software, provide the businesses that created it with updates on the nature of their interactions, and if they are experiencing any difficulties that need resolving. This in essence makes for a new relationship between customer and provider wherein the customer can give feedback effortlessly, and the provider can act on it quickly and efficiently, perfecting the customer experience in homes that are increasingly more connected. Serving broadband service providers, device and app vendors, content providers, and more, it’s work enables ongoing visibility of all connected devices, apps, and services.

Using its Quality of Experience measure, it analyses the data of every internet session in a household, taking into consideration their unique factors and effects on CX when delivering this information back – this not only slashes the expenses of more complicated customer care systems, it boost effectiveness and enables proactive engagement with consumers. Additionally, it allows for early identification of churn-prone homes, segmentation issues, resolution, event, performance, and analytical insight breakthroughs. Supported by cloud software, the Veego software lends the provision of end-to-end visibility across the entire home internet service delivery chain; all the while enabling valuable technical, marketing, operations, and business insights.

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Furthermore, its software sensors are all AI capable, built to exist seamlessly with home routers. This reassures customers that their connection will not be interfered with, automatically fingerprinting devices and classifying services and apps, without the need for resorting to deep packet technologies. Veego’s information allows marketing teams to personalize services to consumer response, identifying users by type in order to allow this – such as users who game heavily, or video-conference attendees. Thus, Veego’s services are invaluable to a multitude of different companies, from content and media providers to video communication apps, whilst taking the stress off of field technicians and shortening support calls.

When hiring, it, therefore, looks for people who want to push the boundaries of the norm. Its staff appreciate innovation in a creative and encouraging atmosphere, are unafraid to try new things, and are undaunted by the ever-growing market of home technology. Furthermore, as well as aiding the troubleshooting on the side of the provider, Veego also gives users ways and means by which to troubleshoot minor issues themselves – with hundreds of millions of people working from home, this has become a pivotal part of the business model. Veego has thusly been able to step up to the mark when helping providers handle this increasing demand. Furthermore, as it moves forwards towards the future, it is looking into ways and means to continually improve its capacity to serve this market segment and their end users, looking into new services such as self-care apps. Between this and the increasing efficacy of its unique performance signature library, it has truly made itself one to watch.

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