For Content Providers.

Smooth delivery of media, gaming, streaming and other services is dependent on many factors across the service-delivery chain. Any malfunction, interruption or bottleneck along the way can destroy the Customer Experience.

Veego’s AI learns device-behavior patterns and notices anomalies anywhere along the service-delivery chain.

The Smart Home Blues

Dad is watching a baseball game over the internet. Mom is conversing with a friend via WhatsApp.
Sis is listening to music on Spotify. Junior fires up his new interactive game and starts zapping aliens.
The neighbors begin to stream a movie on their new 4K smart TV.
Suddenly, the ballgame starts to suffer jitters, making Dad upset. Mom loses moments of the conversation, causing annoyance.
Sis throws up her arms in exasperation at the music interruptions. Junior misses speedy maneuvers at crucial times, ruining his game.

All devices are working, but the customer experience is a mess! What
The neighbors’ TV is sharing the same WiFi channel and causing interference.
Who is going to figure out and fix this problem? How long will it take?
What do the frustrated parties to in the meantime?

Veego Restores the Tune

Veego notices the sudden interference and autonomously switches Dad, Mom, Sis and Junior’s sessions
to another WiFi channel.
Smooth operation is restored for everybody. No service calls. No frustration.

Veego detects, analyzes and resolves network and device problems autonomously, enabling problem-free enjoyment of all services on all devices at all times.