For ISPs.

Connected-home customers are bewildered by confusing protocols, connections, integrations and operations. You already have your router there, so they turn to you for help.
How can you support so many disparate devices that come into the connected home and how can you handle such an enormous range of requests for service?
The typical support call is long and tedious and damages customer satisfaction.

Support Without Veego

Lengthy diagnosis, analysis, resolution

Support With Veego

Prompt diagnosis, analysis, resolution

 Veego is creating a spectacular opportunity for ISPs to turn connected-home support into a profitability game-changer. With Veego, ISPs gain visibility across the connected-home ecosystem and automatically monitor devices 24/7.  

  1. Upon detecting anomalous behavior, Veego automatically analyzes the root cause and attempts to fix it automatically—even before your customer notices. In most cases, the system of connected-home devices just keeps working and service calls are avoided. 
  2. When Veego cannot fix the problem autonomously, it automatically produces an easy-to-follow set of instructions for your customer to fix the problem, boosting customer satisfaction.
  3. When the problem requires service-center involvement, Veego automatically presents your support team with the relevant information to understand and remediate, cutting support time and improving profitability.