For Smart Hubs.

Sitting unobtrusively on your smart-hub, Veego watches the behavior of all connected devices and services across the entire service-delivery chain.

Malfunctions are inevitable, but they don’t have to cause despair.

Autonomous repair

In many cases, Veego detects problems and fixes them autonomously. users aren’t even aware of them!

Working with the customer

In some cases, Veego detects a problem that requires only brief customer interaction to fix. Integrating with the smart-hub’s app, Veego interacts with your customer and provides easy-to-follow steps (for example, reset a device, close the refrigerator door, set a lower thermostat temperature). Service calls are diverted and customer satisfaction with your smart-hub soars.

Great service

Sometimes, Veego encounters a problem or malfunction that it cannot solve on its own. The customer needs to contact your service department. Even before the customer calls, Veego automatically arms your support staff with the relevant information—drawn from our global device knowledgebase and performance indicators—simplifying diagnosis and analysis and hastening resolution.
Upon calling, the customer is amazed at your prompt understanding of the problem and your speedy and effective response. The customer loves you for it. You save time and effort. It’s a win-win!

Veego detects, analyzes and resolves network and device problems autonomously,
enabling problem-free enjoyment of all services on all devices at all times.