What do the City of Avignon, France and WiFi have in common
(besides the fact that most homes
there are connected to the internet that way)?

Born and raised in Avignon, Ruthy Zaphir comes to Veego as our new Director of Products.
She is an international expert on WiFi with an in-depth understanding of its technical and usage aspects.
Having led project teams at Texas Instruments, Siano and Cisco, Ruthy has managed international
projects that have designed and developed military-grade and civilian products that bring WiFi to
our homes, businesses and other organizations.

Now, she is part of the brilliant Product team at Veego where her responsibilities include:
• Gathering information from the field regarding requirements by ISPs, smart-hub suppliers and IoT product developers
• Defining the Veego product suite (tout de suite)
• Applying Veego’s breakthrough AI, malfunction-signature and other technologies to the formation of commercial products.
• Working with R&D on aggressive delivery schedules of said products “I am very excited to be part of Veego,” enthused Ruthy. (Actually, she said it more like this: “Je suis très heureux de faire partie de Veego.”) “This company has unique ideas and outstanding people throughout. We all intend to do great things in IoT especially in the Connected Home industry.”
Bright, energetic and full of ideas, Ruthy fits in perfectly with the company culture.
We tend to be free-wheeling and very supportive of “going boldly where no one has gone before”. Our offices are full of whacko IoT devices that fly, walk, roll and even shoot water. (Plus, we get to watch Smart TVs and call it work.) Veego is creating several breakthrough technologies that will give Internet Service Providers and Smart-Hub Operators great visibility into smart-home devices, how they perform individually and together.
For its customers, Veego will be able to collect vital device and system performance data that will contribute greatly to the ongoing
development and improvement of IoT devices and integrations. Ruthy proclaims, “Veego’s R&D spans a number of emerging
technologies in machine learning and other areas that I can’t speak about right now. Nous faisons des choses extraordinaires.”

Veego AI technology is able to preemptively watch for malfunctions and often repair them
autonomously, avoiding lengthy and frustrating support calls. When support calls do arrive at the
vendor or ISP service center, Veego automatically supplies an effective root-cause analysis enabling
service techs to quickly solve the problems correctly without wasting time and effort on ineffective,
expensive solutions that might require truck rolls and unnecessary equipment replacement.
“I love the challenge of productizing all these new technologies for the comfort and convenience of
millions of smart-home users as well as for the ISPs and other organizations that must support
them,” declared Ruthy.
Veego is delighted to have Ruthy on our team and look forward to great products ahead.