Veego Outpost enhances the customer experience in the smart home while saving time and money for support organizations

• AI learns device and service behavior in each smart home
• Predicts and proactively optimizes services and devices at all times
• Provides differentiated and personalized CX for each customer
• Deflects and shortens service calls
• Generates new CX growth engines
• Builds customer trust and lifetime loyalty

Veego Outpost makes Customer Experience and Support huge differentiators

Residing on the home gateway, Veego Outpost observes the entire smart-home service-delivery chain

Optimized CX at all times

24/7 monitoring and active enhancement of customer experience assures uninterrupted enjoyment of smart services and devices. Veego Outpost’s AI autonomously and continuously analyzes every link in the service-delivery chain to understand weak points, always actively optimizing for the best customer experience given current conditions.

Complexity in the smart home

As the number of devices and services in the smart home increase, the level of complexity surges
• User 1 is streaming a movie on the smart TV
• User 2 is gaming from a console
• User 3 is browsing from a laptop while backing up files to the cloud
• User 4 is conducting a voice conversation over WhatsApp
• Connected surveillance cameras watch over the home and stream video to an external service
The gateway is unable to maintain optimal conditions that assure each user a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

Customer Experience and Support are key differentiators in the minds of smart home consumers

• Gain a deeper understanding of customers and their connected homes
• Predict and proactively meet customer needs
• Build trust and lifetime loyalty
• Provide differentiated and personalized customer experiences
• Generate new growth engines

Veego Outpost provides autonomous CX optimization from the home gateway

Constantly watching all the usage within the smart home, Veego Outpost automatically detects problems and
behavior anomalies as they occur and even predicts them ahead of time based on its learning and experience.
Veego Outpost locates the source and diagnoses the effects of a problem anywhere across the service-delivery chain.
In many cases, it fixes problems autonomously.

  • When its AI detects a problem that it can analyze and remedy within the home (e.g. traffic shaping, band steering), Outpost autonomously makes the adjustments to assure smooth continuation of all current services
  • If it is unable to remedy the problem by itself, when possible, Outpost informs the customer with easy-to-follow steps to remedy the problem (e.g. reconfigure device, update software)
  • When support center intervention is required (e.g. hardware failure, router/extender placement), Outpost has already detected and analyzed the problem for speedy resolution

Smart customer support for smart homes

Veego Outpost cuts the cost and effort of providing superior service. Anomalous behaviors and malfunctions are detected and repaired often without the customer even knowing. Support staff, remote and on-site, finally have the all the information they need to rapidly and effectively provide support.

• Smart home-related support calls are deflected and reduced by up to 30%
• Many 15-minute calls are shortened to 2 minutes
• Unnecessary dispatch of replacement equipment to customers is eliminated
• Truck rolls are reduced by up to 25%






Malfunction/anomaly intelligence is downloaded to Veego Outpost residing on the gateway.
Service providers can create personalized automation rules and policies per customer, perfecting the customer experience.

With Veego Outpost, Service Providers build customer trust and lifetime loyalty