Smarter Care is Better Care

Veego Smart Care TimelineCustomer Care is moving toward AI to deal with a future filled with tens of connected devices and complex services per home. Veego enables that AI breakthrough today.

Veego Smart Care delivers the benefits of Veego’s AI, unique Global Performance Signature Library and other innovative technologies to the service of ISP Customer Care. Dedicated to slashing support costs while dramatically improving the measured effectiveness of subscriber support, Veego Smart Care boosts the efficiency of Customer Care, while improving subscriber satisfaction.

Whenever any problem or anomaly occurs that could potentially affect any user’s QoE, whether within the home (device, WiFi, and router issues) or beyond the home (last-mile, internet at-large, and cloud-server issues), Veego automatically detects it, analyzes its root cause and helps the ISP resolve it (often before the user notices) through actionable recommendations to CSRs, self-care instructions for users, or autonomous fixes, each type of response in accordance with ISP policies and preferences.

Thanks to Veego Smart Care, numerous support calls are deflected. When a support call is made, CSRs already have at their disposal Veego’s complete analysis and location of the problem along with working suggestions for resolution. KPIs, like AHT and FCR, receive a big boost. Truck rolls are reduced by 25% and unnecessary hardware exchanges are eliminated. 


Veego Smart Care is context-aware. It notices when user experience drops below an acceptable threshold for any particular service. 

End-To-End Visibility

Veego Smart Care sees across the entire service-delivery chain, all the way from the user to the cloud service and everything in between. Upon noticing a problem affecting QoE, Veego analyzes it and locates it anywhere along the chain. Right away, CSRs know if the problem is within the ISP’s realm or responsibility. CSRs can quickly determine if they must take action or simply recommend that the subscriber contact the relevant party (e.g., device manufacturer, cloud service) for remediation.  

Proactive Engagement

When they feel frustrated by their internet experience, many subscribers don’t bother to call ISP Customer Care. Instead, they “boot their ISP” by churning or installing their own router, extender, or mesh system. To preclude this level of frustration and to embellish subscriber engagement, Veego empowers ISPs with Proactive Care: the ability to recognize subscriber dissatisfaction as it happens. Proactive Care takes advantage of Veego’s unique ability to combine device type, service category and user behavior not only to detect specific connectivity problems, but to accurately measure how current network conditions are actually impacting each user in the home. Subscribers feel taken care of and protected by their caring ISP who is vigilantly watching over their internet connection. Proactive reach from ISP to subscriber is enabled through multiple channels including smart apps, SMS, chats and phone calls.

Easy Integration

Smart Care integrates easily within the ISP framework. Through a simple interface, Veego’s vast data about usage, events, problems, analysis, recommendations and more, are fed,  via API to  existing ISP systems. 


  • Deflection of thousands of support calls.
  • Real-time detection of server, WAN, router, LAN and device issues made available to CSRs, including contextual detection of low service quality like video buffering, slow browsing, game glitches, etc.
  • Automatic analysis and location of faults in the service-delivery chain gives CSRs all the information they need to shorten support calls and prevent technician visits and hardware replacements
  • Delivery of effective recommendations to CSRs boosts first call resolution (FCR) rates and pleases subscribers
  • Subscribers can know right away what’s wrong with their connection/device/service and that they’re being treated BEFORE they pick up the phone
  • Proactive Care enhances subscriber engagement and boosts brand loyalty

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