New Connected-Home Revenue Opportunities

Turning support calls and insights into revenue generators is a challenge, but it happens with Smart Marketing

Automatic Alerts

Utilizing its deep knowledge about each home and the devices used within, Smart Marketing creates automatic recommendation alerts for CSRs and Marketing personnel, updating them when a subscriber is likely to buy relevant products or services that the ISP wants to sell. For example:

  • A subscriber who consistently has low coverage in areas of high internet consumption is a great candidate to buy an extender
  • A heavy-gamer might like to buy the premium gaming package
  • A subscriber who consistently chokes on inadequate bandwidth is highly amenable to a bandwidth-package upgrade 

Smart Marketing lets you know about these and other revenue-generating situations tuned to the ISP’s unique offerings.

Subscribers with a high likelihood of buying can be grouped and proactively contacted at just the right time.


  • Intelligent alerts recommend good upsell and cross-sell opportunities at appropriate times when the subscriber is amenable to purchasing from the ISP
  • Alerts are fully customizable for specific ISP offerings
  • Creation of groups of likely buyers for proactive upselling and cross-selling campaigns multiplies opportunities
  • Seamless integration with Smart Care delivers added value
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