Complete Connected-Home Support Suite

When connected devices or services don’t behave properly, subscribers become frustrated and contact their Internet Service Provider for support. The number and complexity of support calls are escalating.

But, today, ISPs are blind—they cannot see what is happening with devices and services (gaming, streaming, browsing…) in the home. They are unable to reproduce and locate problems and are incapable of analyzing their root cause. ISPs waste millions of dollars on fruitless support efforts that often result in expensive, ineffective and unnecessary router exchanges and technician visits.  

A native SaaS platform, Veego delivers a complete solution to the rapidly growing mass of Customer Care and Operations challenges facing Internet Service Providers. 

Veego continuously discovers all the connected devices and services executing in each home, endowing ISPs with visibility into subscriber behavior and experience. In real time, Veego automatically detects problems, analyzes their root cause, and often performs auto-resolution without the subscriber even knowing. When ISP Customer Care intervention is required, Veego promptly feeds accurate analyses to CSRs, enabling efficient communications with subscribers and speedy first-call resolution that saves considerable time and money. Support calls are deflected and shortened, truck rolls are reduced, and unnecessary hardware replacements are eliminated.

Veego’s SaaS solutions employ innovative technologies (AI, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, our unique Global Malfunction Signature Library, and others) that are changing the world of ISP Customer Care and Support.

Veego delivers 

  • Deflection of many support calls
  • Live visibility of devices and services in the home
  • Continuous behavior analysis
  • Real-time problem detection
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Problem location anywhere along the service-delivery chain within and beyond the home
  • Prompt resolution of conditions that interrupt the smooth experience with connected devices and services in the home
  • Personalization of the connected-home experience
  • Identification of upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Insights into usage demographics across subscriber populations or segmented by any attributes of interest including QoE

Always Learning, Always Growing

There is no way that ISPs can keep up the masses of new devices and applications launched every year. Like fingerprints, each connected home is different. But with Veego, ISPs can support every home individually. 

24/7/365, Veego learns about new devices and applications from millions of connected homes and feeds them to its unique Global Malfunction Signature Library. With all this knowledge, Veego can autonomously detect behavior anomalies and malfunctions in each home, analyze root cause and resolve problems. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are placed at the service of the ISP for Customer Care, Operations, and other valuable uses. 

Scalability and Integration

The Veego Suite comprises five innovative solutions, ensuring that our ISP customers have the flexibility to choose the solution(s) that best fits their needs and the flexibility to adjust plans as they grow. Our solutions easily connect with CRM, Customer Care, BSS, OSS, Voice-Assistants, Chatbots, and other systems.

Data Privacy

Veego complies with GDPR and other major privacy laws and regulations.

Veego does not store nor transmit Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It is not concerned with whose house this is, credit card information or other PII. Veego requires no login and no personal data.

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