The connected-home ecosystem is in disarray. To journey on their digital lifestyle, customers choose from millions of products from thousands of vendors and expect everything to work smoothly.

The smart home’s complexity is growing and so are the problems. Smooth customer experience fails for a number of complicated reasons.
Malfunctions occur due to many causes.

Veego’s breakthrough Al solution detects, analyzes and autonomously repairs malfunctions

Deployed on the gateway, Veego is always on the lookout for connected-home device malfunctions and problems of any kind. Carefully monitoring smart devices and their communications and interactions with each other as well as with routers and smart hubs, Veego perpetually watches for anomalous behavior whose root cause is often difficult to pinpoint, such as:

  • Introduction of a new device in the home suddenly causes other devices to stop working
  • Intermittent network congestion causes lag or missed commands
  • Multiple networks operating in the home cause device-control conflicts
  • A faulty sensor causes embedded software to react improperly
  • Environmental conditions like heat and humidity weaken hardware performance
  • A cyber attack on one device adversely affects the proper operation of many others
  • Internal software and hardware problems within devices cause them to go haywire and affect other devices
  • Integration and/or installation mistakes render devices unable to communicate with one another and multiply malfunctions

Poised to detect, analyze and autonomously repair, Veego fixes malfunctions even before users notice them

Technological signs and wonders

Veego establishes a malfunction knowledgebase in the cloud—a first-of-a-kind, dynamic, learning database of malfunction “fingerprints”.
How do we create that? We track the actual behavior of thousands of connected-home devices, their communications as well as environmental conditions and more, and use machine learning and statistical analysis to identify anomalies that indicate malfunctions. Our analysis engine analyzes the anomalies to
decipher the root cause of the malfunctions, and then adds all this information—behavior, analysis and remediation—to the knowledgebase.
Today, the knowledgebase is quite large. Enormous, actually. In fact, as malfunctions are encountered in homes across the globe, they increasingly match the fingerprint of a known malfunction, enabling Veego to quickly take decisive remedial action. Whenever Veego encounters a new malfunction, it is added to the growing knowledgebase for the benefit of mankind—or, at least, our clientele.

Artificial intelligence gives Veego the power to detect and alert on anomalies even prior to actual malfunctions!

Veego detects problems before they cause device malfunctions and service interruptions. Customers enjoy a smooth experience.
Service calls are diverted and shortened. Truck rolls and unnecessary dispatches of replacement hardware are eliminated.