Complete Connected Home Experience Suite for ISPs

Home internet use continues to grow at a blistering pace, accelerated further by the Corona pandemic. Schools are moving to remote learning. Workplaces are adopting permanent work-at-home policies. Shopping, entertainment and so many other activities are rapidly expanding online. 

The role of the Internet Service Provider is now vital to our digital transformation. But ISPs are having trouble keeping up. They need better tools to provide the bandwidth, services, support, and engagement that home subscribers demand.

Today, ISPs are blind—they cannot see what devices and services (gaming, streaming, conferencing…) are operating in the home. They are unable to measure the experience of millions of users. They have no way to engage proactively with their subscribers and are unable to react properly and efficiently to inevitable problems. They lack access to the wealth of data that could be analyzed about their user base, its trends, its challenges, and its preferences.

A native SaaS platform, Veego engages the ISP with the experience of every home internet user. Veego’s advanced Solution Suite employs innovative technologies (AI, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, our unique Global Signature Library, and others) that are changing the world of ISP Customer Experience, Customer Care, Operations, and Marketing.

Veego delivers

  • Real-time fingerprinting of connected devices
  • Accurate service classification without DPI
  • Context-aware CX
  • End-to-end visibility across the entire service-delivery chain
  • Continuous measurement of the Quality of Experience of every internet session
  • Automatic detection of faults and anomalies that interfere with QoE
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Location of problems along the service-delivery chain within and beyond the home
  • Prompt resolution of conditions that interrupt smooth QoE
  • Self Care over multiple channels
  • Proactive care with advanced subscriber engagement
  • Personalization of the connected-home experience
  • Insights into internet usage, trends, events, history and more across any user segment
  • Identification of lucrative upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Always Learning, Always Growing

There is no way that ISPs can keep up with the masses of new devices and services that are launched every year. Like fingerprints, each connected home is unique. But with Veego, ISPs and engage successfully with every home individually. 24/7/365, Veego learns about new devices and applications from millions of connected homes and feeds them to its unique Global Signature Library. With all this knowledge, Veego can measure the CX of every internet session and continuously score the QoE. 

Veego can autonomously detect faults and behavior anomalies that affect QoE, analyze root cause and resolve problems. 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and other innovative technologies are placed in the service of the ISP for Customer Experience, Customer Care, Operations, Marketing, and other valuable uses.

Scalability and Integration

The Veego Suite comprises four innovative solutions, ensuring that our ISP customers have the flexibility to choose the solution(s) that best fits their needs and the flexibility to adjust plans as they grow. Our solutions easily connect with CRM, Customer Care, BSS, OSS, Voice-Assistants, Chatbots, and other systems.

Data Privacy

Veego complies with GDPR and other major privacy laws and regulations.

Veego does not store nor transmit Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It is not concerned with whose house this is, credit card information or other PII. Veego requires no login and no personal data.

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