Put a checkmark (“V”) by the device and go (“Veego”). That’s our mission. We aim to catch malfunctions even before they happen so people can take advantage of all the great things that smart devices can do for them at home.

When an inevitable malfunction requires user interaction, we automatically provide easy-to-follow instructions. When a defiant malfunction compels a call to the service center, we give the support staff all the information they need to quickly solve the problem and make the customer happy.

Veego is taking on an enormous task, crucial to the success of the Internet of Things. Our success means victory for device developers, integrators, service teams and, especially, billions of end users who will enjoy better performing devices for a better life. A malfunction-free world is a happy world.


Amir Kotler
Amir KotlerCEO
Based on a stellar 11-year career as an 8200 officer, Amir is a highly experienced CEO of both start-ups and established enterprises with multiple assets and holdings. Amir was the founder of Promisec, a cybersecurity company that ensures endpoint security for hundreds of organizations across the globe. Until recently, he executed the winning strategy as President and COO of Secdo, acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2018. An expert in increasing value by turning small ventures into multi-million-dollar companies, Amir has raised millions of dollars in funding and built global operations. He holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Manchester.
Reffael Caspi
Reffael CaspiVP Product
An experienced R&D executive and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in developing highly scalable cloud, mobile and IoT-analytics products, Reffael is a veteran of successful Israeli startups. He was a co-founder of Exawise, a big data, machine learning, predictive analytics startup that provided conversion optimization, churn analysis, life time value estimation and price prediction for web and mobile companies. Reffael holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from the same institution. He served as a Captain in the Israel Air Force, first in the Air Control Unit and then in Central Command and Control.
Denis Sirov
Denis SirovCTO
An experienced developer and researcher with 7 years of experience in development for edge devices, reverse engineering and security research, Denis is an evangelist of the smart device ecosystem, including development, integration and support. He brings breakthrough knowledge in machine learning techniques for malfunction detection in complex systems. Always breaking the chains of current technology, Denis is pushing Veego technology into realms of proactive detection and analysis and autonomous repair not available anywhere else. Denis studied Mathematics at Tel-Aviv University and served in 8200.