Smart Home Scoping

A software-only solution deployed in the router, Veego’s continuous monitoring automatically discovers smart devices and the services they use, providing visibility into the actual smart-home experience.
Service Providers can see:

  • Current device topology
  • Device connectivity and bandwidth utilization
  • Real time device usage
  • Consumed services and apps per device
  • Device firmware upgrades
  • Device interoperability
  • Usage patterns
  • Much more

Detection and Location of Malfunctions

Veego continuously monitors devices and consumed services to detect behavior anomalies without affecting customer experience. When any anomaly is detected, Veego pinpoints its location anywhere along the service-delivery chain.

Who owns the problem?

Veego automatically informs the Service Provider whether the problem is located within or beyond the home.

  • Is the problem a device, service or interoperability issue? Veego knows.
  • Does this problem belong to the ISP? Veego makes an instant determination.
  • Can the ISP pinpoint the problem even if it is beyond the home? With Veego, yes!

Root-Cause Analysis of Malfunctions

Employing breakthrough AI along with its unique, experience-based Malfunction Knowledgebase, Veego automatically performs root-cause analysis of device, service, and interoperability problems.

Veego automatically informs the support organization of the nature of the If the customer calls for support,
the service staff already know what happened and why.

  • Coverage
  • Interference
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Configuration
  • Protocol
  • Internet service
  • Congested game server
  • And more

If the customer calls for support, the service staff already know what happened and why.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is far more accurate and infinitely faster than the current tedious, time-wasting method of bothering the already-frustrated customer to describe the situation and the trial-and-error method of isolating the problem.

Speedy Resolution

The Veego solution continues beyond accurate root-cause analysis.

  • In many cases, Veego can resolve problems and does so without the customer even being aware. Veego supplies a record of its resolution to the appropriate support organization.
  • When a malfunction requires human intervention, Veego provides all the necessary information to customer-support staff, enabling them to quickly and precisely achieve resolution, saving considerable time and money.
  • Support calls are deflected and shortened, truck rolls are reduced, and unnecessary hardware replacements are eliminated.

Perfecting the Customer Experience

Veego endows Service Providers with visibility that enables perfection and personalization of the customer experience. Detecting, analyzing and resolving device, service, and interoperability problems, Veego constantly perfects the customer experience by assuring:

  • Smooth streaming by eliminating saturation, overload and interference
  • Uninterrupted gaming without lags due to prioritization, load, band, etc.
  • Flawless IoT services by optimizing protocols and mesh
  • And much more

For the first time, Service Providers can personalize the customer experience in the smart home by prioritizing services according to customer usage patterns and preferences.

Potent Upsell Opportunities

Veego uniquely provides ISPs with customer-usage knowledge that enables positive revenue opps. A customer installs a new smart TV. Veego discovers it in real-time and furnishes a potent upsell alert. Another customer calls the support center to report a problem. Veego has already supplied tech support not only with all the information for resolving the problem, but also with a very relevant upsell alert.

What’s an upsell alert? A promising opportunity to take advantage of

  • Internet service bandwidth availability

    Veego alerts when a customer is approaching or exceeding the top end of his Internet-service bandwidth allotment. Time to sell him more!

  • Poor reception in a distant room

    A gamer is suffering lag due to distance from the router. Suggest a mesh extender!

  • Recent IoT device purchases

    Veego knows that the customer just installed a few smart lightbulbs. Would she like to buy a voice-control system for the new lights?

Veego automatically supplies relevant upsell alerts

People want a smart home that works. Veego makes sure it does.