Below are several use cases enabled by Veego’s Smart CX solution

Proactive Care

Recognize subscriber dissatisfaction as it happens and take action that will boost retention

Why wait for subscribers to contact the Customer Care Center with a problem? Reactive support overwhelms Customer Care, adds to costs, and drives subscribers away.

Veego empowers ISPs with proactive care, enabling them to improve CX and subscriber satisfaction at all times.

  • Accurately measure how current network conditions are actually impacting each user in the home
  • Isolate problems and solve them before subscribers churn

More Proactive Care

Identify suffering homes and fix them before they call support

Wouldn’t it be great to know which homes are regularly suffering from bad QoE and why?

With Veego, you can know which subscribers are having problems before hearing about them via costly technical support calls. You can know what to do about them to boost QoE.

  • Every quarter, segment the bottom 5% in terms of QoE across the subscriber base and act on their problems before they call for support
  • Isolate gamers who are having problems and address them before frustration sets in

Subscriber Engagement

Contact subscribers at appropriate times via their preferred channel

  • Smart app
  • SMS
  • Chatbot
  • Phone call

With access to so much usage, trend, QoE and other insightful data, ISPs can know exactly when to contact specific subscribers for a wealth of purposes like:

  • Notifications of events of interest (Inform frequent gamers that Fortnite Gaming Service will be hosting a tournament at 11 o’clock)
  • Updates about improved services (Tell bandwidth-starved homes about new bandwidth packages)
  • Helpful hints (“There is a software upgrade available for LG Smart TVs. You can get it here…”)
  • Important alerts (“Your Netflix server is experiencing slow service right now; switching to another server might help your movie stream)

Dashboards with Insightful Information

Veego’s AI enables the generation of new levels of perceptive data that lead to understanding of the CX of every connected home. At a glance, you can gain valuable insights like:

  • The popularity of certain devices and services
  • Home scores by region
  • Trends in video conferencing
  • Recurring issues in QoE

Veego’s customizable dashboards give you at-a-glance readouts like:

  • The ranking of problems by frequency across any segment of interest
  • Comparisons of QoE between regions

In fact, you can fashion just about any type of dashboard that will help your operation.

 Below are several use cases enabled by Veego’s Smart Care solution

Automatic problem detection based on insufficient QoE score

Veego detects problems in real-time and goes to work resolving them:

  • Fix certain problems (WiFi, router) within the home before users feel them
  • Locate problems anywhere across the service-delivery chain

service delivery chain

Multi-Channel Self Care Deflects Calls to ISP Customer Care

Take the burden off your CSRs. Many technical support calls are incorrectly made to ISP Customer Care because subscribers don’t know where the problem lies.

Let subscribers know when a problem is not in the realm of responsibility of the ISP. It’s a waste of everybody’s time when subscribers call the ISP Customer Care Center with a problem that outside the realm of responsibility of the ISP. Veego can detect problems automatically and let subscribers know when it is appropriate to call the ISP.

Veego can also help subscribers fix some of their own problems with easy-to-follow instructions, eliminating support calls altogether. 

ISPs can automate communications with subscribers over their preferred channel

  • Smart app
  • SMS
  • Chatbot
  • Phone call

Field Technician Diagnosis and Feedback

Truck rolls are very expensive and often ineffective. ISPs cannot afford to waste so much time, money, and resource only to find that problems persist.

Veego can provide on-the-spot QoE analyses that let field technicians know if their intervention has remediated a problem.

  • Quick comparison of before and after QoE score
  • Immediate problem analysis that includes the root cause and location 
  • Unnecessary router replacements are eliminated
  • Successful intervention rates are multiplied

Below are several use cases enabled by Veego’s Smart Operations solution

Analysis of the Effects of Policy and Network Changes on QoE

Veego offers ISPs accurate quantification of QoE by service, geography and many other attributes of interest. ISP Operations can easily compare QoE scores before and after network and policy changes.

Trend Spotting

Slice and dice populations by region, state, city, neighborhood or other geographies of interest and correlate them with days, times, and other factors. 

  • Spot trends as they are happening
  • Notice recurring activities and problems

Below is a use case enabled by Veego’s Smart Marketing solution


Veego uniquely provides ISPs with customer-usage knowledge that enables positive revenue opps. A customer installs a new smart TV. Veego discovers it in real-time and furnishes a potent upsell alert. Another customer calls the support center to report a problem. Veego has already supplied tech support not only with all the information for resolving the problem, but also with a very relevant upsell alert.

What’s an upsell alert? A promising opportunity to take advantage of

  • Internet service bandwidth availability

    Veego alerts when a customer is approaching or exceeding the top end of his Internet-service bandwidth allotment. Time to sell him more!

  • Poor reception in a distant room

    A gamer is suffering lag due to distance from the router. Suggest a mesh extender!

  • Recent IoT device purchases

    Veego knows that the customer just installed a few smart lightbulbs. Would she like to buy a voice-control system for the new lights?

Veego perfects the internet user experience in every connected home.