Veego 2.0 has just been released and it is already winning international acclaim from Internet Service Providers. The new version endows ISPs with breakthrough capabilities for understanding and embellishing the Quality of Experience of internet-delivered services in the Connected Home.

Providing ISPs with complete visibility into the Connected Home, including connected devices and the services they consume, context-aware Veego 2.0 continuously monitors and scores every user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) from each session. It goes way beyond the “one size fits all” approach of other solutions, uniquely taking into consideration the factors that are crucial to each type of device and service and their effects on Customer Experience (CX). ISPs can obtain a continuous score of every internet user’s experience based on what influences that user’s enjoyment given the type of service being consumed on a specific device. For example, lag is critical to online game-players but less so to video conferencers. Low resolution viewing on a smartphone screen isn’t such a big problem, but it is catastrophic on a 65” TV. Veego considers both the device and the service as it scores QoE and determines if it is sufficient.

When the QoE score of any session falls to an unsatisfactory level, Veego 2.0 automatically detects the problem behind the deficient score, analyzes its root cause end-to-end—within and beyond the home—and, in many cases, resolves it automatically before the user is affected. At the ISP’s discretion, Veego can initiate Self Care by providing easy-to-follow steps for users to fix certain problems themselves. These capabilities serve to deflect numerous technical support calls and expedite resolution. Veego also immediately passes its analysis with repair recommendations to the ISP Customer Care Center, enabling CSRs to know right away if the problem belongs to the ISP or is caused by an external factor such as a faulty device or a troubled cloud-service. CSRs also receive remediation recommendations based on Veego’s analysis, enabling them to solve problems better and faster. That means less Average Handling Time (AHT) and more First Call Resolution (FCR), not to mention reductions in support expenses.

This analysis capability also boosts the effectiveness of on-site technical support. Suppose a technician has just made a service visit to a given home and has undertaken some sort of remediation of a reported problem by changing router parameters, installing an extender, or even replacing the router altogether. Today, the technician leaves the subscriber premises hoping that the problem has been fixed, but he doesn’t really have tools to measure that. With Veego 2.0, technicians can get an immediate, on-the-spot comparison of “before” and “after” QoE scores per session to know with certitude the effectiveness of the intervention.

Another capability unique to Veego 2.0 is Proactive Care—the ability to recognize subscriber dissatisfaction that might lead to churn. Frustration of home users with their internet service can grow undetected by ISP Customer Care. Without warning, a subscriber gets fed up and churns to a competitor while the ISP never saw it coming. Veego 2.0 endows ISPs with insight into subscriber behavior, helping them identify the warning signs. Armed with the knowledge of the context of any specific household’s problems, ISPs can proactively engage with “suffering” subscribers over any channel (smart app, chat, SMS, phone calls, virtual assistant) while problems are still relatively small, and address them to the users’ satisfaction. Subscribers feel taken care of and protected by their caring ISP who is vigilantly watching over their internet service.

Veego 2.0 also generates vast demographic, device, service, usage, performance, event, QoE scores, and other data for valuable analysis across the subscriber base, enabling ISPs to understand usage profiles, trends, and much more. ISPs can make use of the Veego Data Lake on a large scale to proactively identify homes that are “in good shape” and those that are “suffering”. They can segment or isolate populations by problem type (or other factors of interest) to undertake pertinent remedial measures. ISPs can rapidly compare the “before” and “after” of their actions to know who was helped and by how much. The Veego Data Lake can also be used to provide personalized offerings, for example, a gamers’ package for heavy gamers, an upgraded service package to homes experiencing strong usage growth, a mesh solution when appropriate, and so on.

Veego 2.0 is commercially available to ISPs who are invited to contact Veego to try it out or upgrade to the new version.