Okay, it’s not the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria, but it is our first office in the Americas – in the land of Ponce de Leon, in fact.  Florida now boasts Veego Americas headquarters from which we undertake our sales efforts and support our customers in North, Central and South America. 

We are proud to announce that Udi Ben-David will head the company’s activities on both continents. Udi, our new Vice President, will continue to build Sales, Business Development and Customer Support operations with our Internet Service Providers customers and partners.

Udi Ben-David as Veego's new VP Sales, Americas

Udi Ben-David as Veego’s new VP Sales, Americas

Udi brings over 25 years of experience working in high-tech Business Development, Sales and Support globally. He has a proven track record of building brand awareness for startups and jump-starting sales activities.

North and South American service providers are facing the same challenges that confront Veego’s European and Asian ISPs. Their hundreds of millions of subscribers continue to rapidly purchase and install smart devices of all kinds, connecting them to the Internet via the home router. While ISPs have no control over these purchases and installation, subscribers expect their ISPs to support them. But while ISPs are responsible for home routers, they are blind when it comes to knowing what devices are connected and what services these devices are consuming. As a result, Customer Care metrics and associated expenses are rapidly getting away from them. To cope, they have no alternative but to automate much of the increasingly expensive, time-consuming support function. That means Artificial Intelligence.

Veego delivers total visibility and automated customer-care capabilities to ISPs. With the Veego agent in the router supplemented by services delivered from the cloud (SaaS), Veego discovers and continuously monitors the connected topology in the home. That’s already a giant help for ISPs. 

But Veego’s ability to detect device and service problems in real-time across the entire service delivery chain is what really sets it apart from all other solutions. 

Veego monitors how services—like Netflix, surveillance cameras and FortNite—are actually running on TVs, cameras, game consoles and other connected devices. It spots problems as they happen. That’s impressive enough, but the real magic happens when Veego automatically analyzes problems, figures out what’s causing them and fixes them on the spot. In many cases, subscribers don’t even know they had any problems. They just enjoy an excellent connected-home experience all the time no matter what they are doing.

Udi is already fast at work, spreading the Veego gospel to ISPs, large and small, in North, Central and South America. ISPs seem very interested.

Great to have you with us, Udi!

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