A highly experienced business and technology expert with a well-rounded view of what customers require from a company, Max Blumberg brings over 20 years of experience from the Telco and Cable industries. In his role as Advisor, Max will share his proven ability to bridge network, IT and call-center optimization with Veego as it continues to penetrate connected-home service providers globally.

“I am excited by the opportunity to work with a startup that is rapidly gaining international traction in the burgeoning connected home industry,” stated Blumberg. “I can already see a lot of areas where my knowledge of the customer care and operations functions of large ISPs will help guide Veego’s senior management team.”

Blumberg brings considerable multi-national and multi-disciplinary experience in leading operations and executing business transformations from planning to implementation. During his career, he has served in most of the C-Suite executive roles for telco and cable operators, including the Altice Group, Hot Telecom and 012 Golden Lines. He has been especially instrumental in generating improvements, reducing calls to call centers and raising the quality of networks and IT services, garnered from working with global support and customer experience teams across Europe, the USA and the Caribbean.

“Max is a perfect fit for our Advisory Board and we are fortunate to attract him,” stated Amir Kotler, CEO for Veego. “His extreme familiarity with the end-to-end operational value chain of telcos and cable companies will enlighten us with great insights, especially regarding product development and marketing going forward.”