The Broadband World Forum Award winners have been selected and – guess what? Veego didn’t win first place.   

After making the shortlist in the Best New Game-Changer Innovation category, Veego grabbed attention as it was called up on stage, winning the runner-up award. Congratulations to Cognitive Systems who took the top honor. 

We play to win, but, still, we are honored to be considered the second most impressive Game-Changer Innovation in the broadband world. We can live with that.

Veego really won at Booth H6. Our display was a real work of art and our messaging and pre-show lead generation activities kept us very, very busy throughout the three days of the show. We consider that a big win!

Thanks to the Award judges for recognizing us. And thanks to all the ISPs, telecoms, router manufacturers and IoT developers who inundated our booth with genuine enthusiasm and excitement. It seems that Veego’s approach to putting an end to malfunctions in the smart home is striking a harmonious chord all over the world. 

We look forward to following up with all the people and companies who demonstrated interest in the Veego solution. 

Next stop: Mobile World Congress Los Angeles. See you there!

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