Hang onto your hats (and smart devices). Broadband World Forum (BBWF) is right around the corner (October 15-17) and they have awards in their sights. 

Veego has been recognized for its innovative technology – BBWF has shortlisted us for its prestigious award for Best New Game-Changer Innovation. True, we have some impressive competition for the win (see https://tmt.knect365.com/bbwf/awards for a list of finalists), but being less than one year old, we think its pretty impressive to be turning heads already. 

Veego’s game-changing innovation enables Internet Service Providers to use their routers to see across the entire Service Delivery Chain, from Netflix (and other) services, over the Internet, into the router, throughout the WiFi, across myriad interoperability protocols and even into the devices themselves! We would surely call that “innovation in a hurry”!

But this breakthrough visibility is only a small part of what Veego delivers to ISPs. Veego autonomously detects problems that impede the smart-home experience, analyzing and locating their root cause and even fixing them on the fly!  How’s that for originality?

The Veego Agent, the eyes of our system, resides right in the standard ISP router, yet is able to apply artificial intelligence to monitor, detect, analyze and resolve smart-home problems across devices and the services they consume. Each Veego Agent (one per router) communicates with a super-powerful technology lineup in the Veego Cloud that includes Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and Veego’s mammoth and growing Malfunction Library that records behaviors of all smart/connected devices and all the services they bring you.  Having hiccups with your Netflix? We can fix that. Is your gaming console lagging? We can fix that, too! Is your browsing a drag? We’ve got that covered. In real-time. And you don’t have to do a thing but enjoy your smooth experience.

To be honest, Veego doesn’t fix everything, so when it can’t, it still pinpoints the problem and root cause and automatically updates the Customer Care Center, so when that service call comes in, agents already know all about the problem and what to do to fix it. That knocks loads of time off the diagnostics part of the service call – you know, the part that wastes a lot of time and frustrates users. Our AI does that job better than having a service agent ask you to try a bunch of operations on your router and problematic devices to try to figure things out. We already did that!

Although Veego is less than a year old, our Agent and Cloud products are already delivering their magic to ISPs. People in the smart-home industry are starting to notice!

We hope we win this prestigious BBWF award, but even if we don’t, we are honored to share the limelight of the shortlist. 

Want to see Veego at BBWF?  We will be at Booth H6. Hope to see you there!

Won’t make it to BBWF? No problem, we will also be at MWC Los Angeles!