See the Big Picture

Based on the wealth of information collected in the Veego Cloud, Veego Operations provides ISP Operations Departments with deep insights into the  experiences subscribers are having in their connected homes. Veego Operations automatically analyzes quality of experience and the causes for service deterioration and behavior anomalies.

What’s Going On?

Providing an easily customizable view of population segments, Veego Operations enables ISPs to easily track specific KPIs based on what subscribers are really experiencing – actual buffering, slowness, glitches, etc. – pertinent to each service (gaming, browsing, streaming, etc.).

With Veego Operations, ISPs can identify bottlenecks at a glance across the entire service-delivery chain – from the server to the end-device – and associate them with specific device and service types. ISPs can measure how various demographic groups are performing and, if they are under-performing, how best to treat them. They can measure improvements and know how much effect they are having.

Have It Your Way

Veego Operations offers a dashboard and querying capabilities into the vast store of performance data in the Veego Cloud. An API is available to enable existing ISP systems to gain access to the big data store. 


  • Ability to create and track smart KPIs
  • Tools for quick bottleneck analyses
  • Quantification of the quality of subscriber experience
  • Tools to improve subscriber experience across demographic groupings such as: gamers, streamers, devices of critically low quality, etc. 
  • Complete service-quality history
  • Average health score by device/service type
  • Device and service rating by quality
  • Home health score
  • Aggregate home-quality score for servers, WAN, router, LAN and devices 
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