Real-Time Visibility into the Connected Home

Veego Scope enables ISPs to always know what’s going on in each connected home, including the subscriber experience. ISPs receive accurate, near real-time reports of the health of connected devices and services as well as overall home quality scores.

How well are the needs of the home subscriber being served? What is the true end-to-end experience of the subscriber per service? These and many other questions of interest are answered by Veego Scope

Classification of Devices and Services

The Veego Agent, residing in the home router, scopes the home and discovers its connected-device topology. It scans for connected devices, creates a baseline of the home and builds a network topology. In real time, the Veego Agent discovers all the services (gaming, browsing, streaming, etc.) running on connected devices and classifies them. As services are engaged or closed, the Veego Agent keeps track. 

The Veego Agent maps a flow to a specific service, employing a Machine Learning technique that uses side features of the flows without the need to perform Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). This technique is also applied to offload the CPU whenever possible, reducing computational processing and allowing the Veego Agent to run on the CPE itself (as well as in the cloud).

The Veego Agent also uses a services-cached database so that once traffic has been classified, its flow description (such as Server IPs and port) is cached. Thus, the classifications can be used in subsequent classification processes when the user uses that same service again.

Seeing What’s Going On

The scoping information is stored in the Veego Cloud where it may be accessed via the Veego Console or ISP backend systems for demographics and many other data-analysis purposes. Supported by Veego’s unique, continuously updating Global Malfunction Signature Library and Big Data, Veego Scope delivers access to home statistics like:

  • Types of services running on each device
  • Usage information about patterns of services across different devices
  • History of events that occurred and services that ran on each device
  • User segmentation: by device, service, geo-location
  • Service habits: which services are consumed and what are their bandwidth requirements at various times of the day?
  • Trends: which devices and/or services are growing in popularity and what are their network implications?

Veego Scope enables ISPs to comprehend the use of their routers within connected homes. Optionally, they can enable home users (via their web-based services) to view real-time reports on what’s happening inside their own homes. 


Veego Scope answers the need for more insight into the usage of connected devices and services in the home. It enables ISPs to receive and understand accurate, real-time usage statistics about their subscribers.
The home router can utilize this scoping data to prioritize and optimize specific services based on their type, making it even smarter.
In addition, many connected-home users want to know what’s happening inside their own home – for parental or cost control. Veego Scope can deliver this capability. 

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