The Holy Grail of Subscriber Service and Support for ISPs

The ability to see how connected-home devices and services are performing, to detect, in real time, any problems they encounter, to analyze those problems and then to resolve them automatically—that’s Veego Self-Care

In cases where auto-resolution is not possible, Veego Self-Care sends brief, helpful messages about the problem and a solution that subscribers can execute themselves. These messages can be sent directly to subscribers via the Veego app or to ISP Customer Care to be forwarded to the subscribers via the ISP’s app. Chatbots, voice assistants, and other media can be involved, too.

Veego Self-Care also automatically updates ISP Customer Care. 

For the ISP, it’s all about deflecting support calls, shortening Average Handling Time (AHT) of the ones that are received, and achieving effective First Call Resolution (FCR). For the subscriber, it’s all about smooth operation of connected devices and services. Veego Self-Care keeps much of the support burden away from ISP Customer Care and addresses it at the source.

With Veego, ISPs can shift much of the burden of customer care to the vigilant Veego AI rather than receive thousands upon thousands of service calls from frustrated subscribers.

Integration with ISP Customer Care Systems

Veego integrates easily with ISPs’ current Customer Care systems, smart-service apps and other systems provided by ISPs to their subscribers, including virtual assistants like Alexa and chatbots. 


  • Recommended steps that enable subscribers to fix their own problems
  • Deflection of numerous support calls
  • Status updates provided to ISP Customer Care, keeping them in the loop
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