Smarter Care is Better Care

Customer Care is moving toward AI to deal with a future filled with tens of connected devices and complex services per home. Veego enables that AI breakthrough today.

Veego Smart-Care delivers the benefits of Veego’s AI, unique Global Malfunction Signature Library and other innovative technologies to the service of ISP Customer Care. Dedicated to slashing support costs while dramatically improving the measured effectiveness of subscriber support, Veego Smart-Care boosts the efficiency of Customer Care service, while improving subscriber satisfaction. 

In a great many cases, support calls are deflected. When a subscriber call is made, CSRs already have at their disposal Veego’s complete analysis and location of the problem along with working suggestions for resolution. Customer Care’s KPIs, like AHT and FCR, receive a boost. In addition, truck rolls are reduced by 25%, and unnecessary hardware exchanges are eliminated. 

The specialized dashboard enables extremely deep visibility not only across the whole service-delivery chain, but into any specific device. CSRs can quickly “zoom in” to the history of any actual device and obtain a range of unique metrics and timelines of events and malfunctions that have occurred.

Easy Integration

The information that Veego Smart-Care feeds to the Veego dashboard is available via API to enrich existing ISP systems. 


  • Deflection of thousands of support calls.
  • Real-time detection of server, WAN, router, LAN and device issues made available to CSRs, including contextual detection of low service quality like video buffering, slow browsing, game glitches, etc.
  • Automatic analysis and location of faults in the service-delivery chain gives CSRs all the information they need to shorten support calls and prevent technician visits and hardware replacements
  • Delivery of effective recommendations to CSRs boosts first call resolution (FCR) rates and pleases subscribers
  • Subscribers can know right away what’s wrong with their connection/device/service and that they’re being treated BEFORE they pick up the phone
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